Wednesday, April 20, 2011

That's What You Get

So I am starting work on my third ms. OMG! This one is rougher than any of the others I have ever written and I am just on the first page!! There is something missing, I can already tell. I keep asking the questions, but my characters REFUSE to answer me. I suppose this is what I get for casting Egyptian Gods....hhhmmmm. {insert quirky smirk here}.

I've got Stevie Nicks playing, but even she's not pulling anything out of them! Granted, it is only the first draft so there are bound to be things to work out. I just hate having something missing so early in the work! Oh well, I suppose all I can do is buckle down, keep writing and hope it works out on it's own. If not I will just have to pass it around to a few of my friends to see if they can find the proverbial (and cliche) needle in the haystack.

So anyhow, I suppose that's all. I guess I had better get back to it, the ms isn't going to write itself!

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